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Are you an exhausted Momma?

I re-energize Mom’s who are blurry-eyed: bone-tired and so incredibly drained they don’t even know if they can “Mom” anymore.

You haven’t had a solid nights sleep in what feels like years, you drag your butt out of bed to feed the kids, you look around and the house is trashed, dishes from last night still on the table and in the sink, toys everywhere, half folded laundry strewn around the living room not to mention the kids who are wild…you can’t get them to eat, get dressed or ready for school… you seriously just don’t have anymore to give, you feel – well – empty.

When you think about it you haven’t even felt like yourself for months maybe longer, you don’t want to hang with friends or do any of the stuff you used to enjoy because now lets be honest… it just feels like way to much work…  and you don’t have a clue what to do to make it better. Sometimes it feels like everyone would be better off without you, even though you know that’s not true. You are not losing it, these feelings are real, the exhaustion and overwhelm that are draining you is called burnout. Burnout left untreated doesn’t get better… only worse!

I know how hard it is to reach out for help, of the need to talk but not wanting to be criticized or judged. Waiting won’t make things get better. I know it’s a big step but it will be worth it! 

You can be the Mom you need and want to be, commit to make some small changes today… just by giving me a call! Having someone who has been there and understands to talk to, can make things so much better… so lets set something up! 

How about we get you started on the path to feeling normal and healthy. I want you to feel joy in life again! I also provide Counselling for Couples, Grief and Loss, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Parent Counselling, Counselling for Moms, Support with Children, Women’s Support, Groups and Counselling for Caregivers in Fort Saskatchewan, AB

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Face life with humor and grace… give a gift to yourself and your family

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Healing Family Matters Counselling in Fort Saskatchewan AB, can help mom's with exhaustion, self-care, burnout, parenting struggles, relationship guidance, routines, anxiety, depression, behaviour strategies, and tools.

Let us help you make a difference in your family life starting today!

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