Meet Shayda

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Shayda works online and in-person starting May 1/24 with adult and older teens. Her specialties include:

  • Grief and Loss
  • Shame and Guilt
  • Self-Esteem
  • PTSD
  • EFT (Tapping)

Feelings of Overwhelm are so common today, and it leaves us feeling so alone and isolated.

Society today is so focused on the care of physical health but what about our mental health? There is a gap in our system and that is the lack of access to counselling - where you have someone to share with, help to make sense of the multitude of emotions swirling in your head, and having somewhere safe to talk about it all!

Working as Pharmacist for over 30 years, has given me a unique perspective in understanding that while medications do improve and save lives, they aren’t the only thing needed to feel healthy again! Realizing the need I went back to school to be able to join in the fight for mental health supports.

I am an eclectic therapist and love working with many modalities tailor made to your unique situation. Everyone is different and together we focus on what works for you.

One of my most requested tools is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and it is a wonderful way to help to dissipate those bottled-up feelings. Tapping is a simple, easy to use modality that works well as a stand-alone therapy or combined with other therapies to start you on the healing journey I have had excellent result using it with those with PTSD, grief and loss, self-esteem and especially feeling of shame and guilt.

I provide support for those with anxiety, shame and guilt, self esteem, stress, help setting boundaries and depression. I have a soft spot for those dealing with grief/loss and have completed specialized training in this area.

Let’s share a cup of tea and chat about what is causing you to feel so desolate and alone. I will take you hand and guide you on your journey of self-healing. We will laugh, cry, and maybe even tap (or not ;) and help you to start feeling like yourself again!

Let’s discover how to bring joy back into your life!

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Who is Shayda?

My husband and I are empty nesters and I am very blessed to have 4 precious grandchildren ages 9 months to 4 years old, who I adore! I love spending as much time as I can with them as it keeps me young ;) My true loves beside Family and Counselling of course are gardening, reading thrillers, spending time with friends and relaxing in the sun!

We provide Counselling for Couples, Grief and Loss, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Parent Counselling, Counselling for Moms, Support with Children, Women’s Support, Groups and Counselling for Caregivers in Fort Sask, AB also serving Gibbons, Redwater, BonAccord and surrounding areas.