Meet Niki

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Niki works online and in-person starting May 1/24 and has extensive experience in several areas, she works with clients:

  • Adolescents ages 12 and up
  • Adults
  • Couples 
  • All kinds of Parents - Single, Step, Co-parents
  • Foster and Kinship Parents and Blended Families
  • Separation and Divorce

You deserve to be happier and healthier and so so much more...

You want - no - need to have a solid loving relationship, to have friends and work you enjoy yet be able to love your family and alone time too...

Seriously is that too much to ask?

Whether you're a Partner, a parent, step-parent, co-parent, caregiver or just YOU - really you deserve the gift of having honest, somewhat sane, and fair conversations to be able to make important descisions for yourselves and your families...

Honestly - I bet you didn't know how hard it can be to adult - to be on the same page with seemingly simple things like house work, chores, routines, family rules and just trying to have some fun memories or experiences?

No Doubt - being in a strong relationship and raising spirited and unique children is challenging... please believe me I have been there personally - and still am ;) - I know it is NOT easy - neither is adding on being a foster parent, co-parenting, step parent, or blending families together... and in all honesty -  even taking care of just you is not easy!!

Its Understandable the feelings of frustration, anxiety and maybe even deep wounds - with the profound need to understand what is happening - why it is happening and how you can make it all more healthy and strong.

Your energy is depleted or is completely non-existant right now - which is why I work closely with you to help you to heal quickly, so you have what you need to blossom and grow!

Although I can’t offer you a magic potion - with 30 plus years of experience working with of all kinds of individuals, families and couples - I can help you to figure a way through this - with kindness and empathy - no judgement!

So many different situations - so many ways to learn to be a healthier, better you!


Make lasting change - master strategies and tools that can make you stronger - in ALL your relationships and in the many "hats" you wear! 

Each unique situation needs a unique plan... we work together to figure out what works for YOU! Simple and doable are what I strive for.  I realize your already exhausted so I won't pile on more, that won't work!

Compassion and Insight is what you need!

Don't do it alone... text Niki NOW at 780-851-7740 to set up your free 15 minute phone consult!

More about Niki...

Well what can I say... I guess I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl who is blessed to live on an acreage with my husband. I have only 4 kids at home - the 9 others have left the nest (no that is not a typo!). We have a hamster, a Cockatiel and a Shitzu who has major attitude that I adore ;) I have 6 grandchildren I love to crazy and can't wait for more (hint hint 😉)! My favorite activities are eating chocolate, drinking Dr Pepper, quilting, camping, fishing, quadding with my children, grandchildren and their partners… Reading fluff while on the boat, and watching crime shows to help me to stay awake until the kids go to bed ;)

We provide Counselling for Couples, Grief and Loss, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Parent Counselling, Counselling for Moms, Support with Children, Women’s Support, Groups and Counselling for Caregivers in Fort Sask, AB also serving Gibbons, Redwater, BonAccord and surrounding areas.