Grief and Loss

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Grief and Loss

Grieving can be INTENSELY ~ heart wrenchingly painful, taking a physical and mental toll on us...

**Grief never just goes away – it remains in our hearts -  big and present, however with time it can become tolerable - its not like you feel grief and nothing else - in fact, grief coexists with other emotions - life eventually slowly opens again and we can start to feel whole ~ full of memories that allow our loved ones to live on, and be celebrated without the crippling, complicated emotions taking over.**

Coping with the loss of someone you love can be one of life’s biggest challenges

REGRETTABLY ~ there are many types of losses we grieve which do not fit into the "norm" and often can't be grieved in a open way - they are called “disenfranchised” or taboo losses

Disenfranchised or Taboo losses:

  • Suicide - intentional or unintentional
  • Drug overdoses -intentional or unintentional
  • Miscarriages
  • Stillbirths
  • SIDS
  • Mental and/or Chronic illness
  • Sudden traumatic accidents 
  • A traumatic loss of a beloved pet.

If we don't feel comfortable talking about these type of deaths especially the self-harming ones, they can easily change into complicated grief - you need to grieve in a healthy way to wade through it all!

How do you gradually move from despair... 

Being able to remember your loved one with less pain and find a way to maintain an enduring connection, while trying to live this new life? 

We teach strategies and tools that you to slowly put into place and they blend your world back to a new but familiar place.


Grieving is a very personal and unique experience ~ it isn't a one size fits all...

We share coping strategies to help you begin the journey of healing -

They can be extremely helpful to allow you to slowly replace those sad, painful thoughts with warm, loving memories or to help you to work on forgiving your loved one!

Is your grief taking over your life? 

Do you need someone to lean on until your able to regain some strength to begin the healing journey, we support you and help you to put a plan in place that would work best for you.

Grief can be to much to bear alone...

Let us walk by your side; through the heavy storm of emotions, you’re feeling.  Don’t do this alone ~ we have your back! With specialized training in grief/loss you will be guided gently along, to work through the pain and agony. Let our compassion and expertise sooth you as you develop a plan together to overcome the intensity of your grief.

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Quiz: Which one are you?

Everyone grieves differently... how about you?

  • Disbelief
  • Utter despair
  • Not wanting to or knowing how to live without them.
  • No joy in life
  • Guilt at what you could have done differently to stop it from happening.
  • No motivation or energy depletion.
  • Bouts of uncontrolled crying/hysteria/anger.
  • Guilt for even fleeting moments of happiness without them.
  • friends slowly slipping away now that your “out of crisis.”

OR it can be the total opposite…

  • Anger that they didn’t take better care of themselves.
  • Guilt for being relieved they’re gone.
  • Fear, anger, and frustration at being left alone.
  • Feels of guilt for being so thankful you don’t have to deal with the never ending medical appts, feeding/bathing/and the daily care.
  • Relief that you don’t ever have to see them again.
  • Angry because you should feel safe now, they are gone – but you don’t.
  • You are burnt-out and struggling to even take care of yourself and it’s their fault.
  • Anger at your loved one for not providing for you after their passing.
  • Anger at the debt they left you with.

We offer you a comforting space to be able to share your worries, sadness, anger, or whatever you’re feeling without being judged - you deserve to be heard!

We promise you healing IS Possible!


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