Is Homeschooling Is Right For You? The Answer May Surprise You!

For those of you who are new here, hi - my name is Niki, and I'm the owner/founder of HFM’s. Last week I shared a blog post all about my homeschooling experience.  In case you missed it, you can read it here. Anyways, I got such great feedback from that post - I wanted to create a part two. Over the years, I've gotten dozens upon dozens of questions from moms all about homeschooling. The most frequently asked question I get is something along the lines of... "Hi Niki, So I am very interested in homeschooling, but I'm not sure if it's the right move. What are your thoughts?" Basically, every family is so different, and there is no set in stone answer. However, in today's blog I will be sharing with you seven unique benefits of homeschooling. If even half of these benefits intrigue you, homeschooling may be perfect for you! 1) Homeschooling takes less time than regular schooling Time is the one thing we never get back. Life is all about balance. There is more to life than just school. And there is more to life than having fun. Being in class from 9 - 3 every day can be quite tiring for little kids. Homeschooling can give your children many more hours in a day to do what they love and relax. 2) Your child can develop excellent work habits Homeschooling can teach your child a brand new level of independence. In a typical classroom environment, it's not uncommon for students to rely on others during group projects. Homeschooling doesn't give them that opportunity. Of course, you are there to help them when they need it, but the vast majority of work will be completed independently.  3) You and your child can build a stronger connection Think about it. When your child goes to school, they are out of the house for at least 6 hours a day. And then we have to take into account spending time with friends and extracurricular activities.  Of course, your children can still see their friends and participate in activities while being homeschooled. However, homeschooling truly does form a strong and deep bond. Over the years, you will form memories that last a lifetime 4) You don't have to do it alone The few months of homeschooling can be a little tough since it is brand new. The good news is there are tons of excellent homeschool agencies out there that can help you make sure you are on the right track.  5) You can set your own schedule Not all kids are the same. Some of them thrive in the evening, while others thrive in the morning. Homeschooling gives you the luxury of setting your own hours to fit their personal preferences. As long as they get their work done in a timely fashion, that is all that matters. 6) There are many different ways to homeschool You can decide to do traditional homeschooling (home education) or you could do a hybrid program (shared responsibility). Do your research and see what would work the best for your childs personality and family schedule. 7) You can get reimbursed Believe it or not, you can actually be reimbursed for most curriculum, sports and field trips when you register with a “Willing non-Residential” school board.  For more information, you can visit:  Just make sure you send the notification link below to your school BEFORE Sept 31, 2020, or you won’t be able to register to have the funding! Notification Form to Send to School If you have any questions and/or would like to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation, please reach out via phone or email.